About Us

I started working in medical real estate back in 2002. Since then I have had the great fortune of helping people that help people. Those transactions have taken me from a startup dental practice to helping a hospital get out of bankruptcy to a multi-specialty spine center to being part of the transition team when an acute care hospital changed ownership and operator. It really is great to help good people solve a problem, show them how to create wealth, save them money, curb fears and/or empower them to make decision that will likely play out over the next decade or two since doctors do not move much throughout their career.

So why the website?

Through my journey I have seen patterns emerge and questions repeat themselves that I hope be able to answer here to help others searching be better armed in the future. I also wanted a place to discuss and connect with the people that are in similar places…even though they may not be local – to bounce ideas, talk concepts and discuss trends. And, of course, to help people looking for space in markets I cover to find the space I have, should it be a fit for them.

What else?

Not sure. We’ll find out together and perhaps I’ll update this in the future.

Looking forward to connecting and learning together.

Bryan McKenney


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