5 Easy Ways to Save Money on Your Commercial Lease

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Save Money on Your Commercial Lease

Searching for a commercial property can be a daunting task, often times asking yourself, where do I start, how do I know if I’m getting a good deal.  Whether you are looking for a medical office suite, industrial building, retail space or an office suite, the process is generally the same.  Below we are going to outline 5 easy ways to save money on your commercial lease.  

What are the different ways to save money on your commercial lease?

5 Easy Ways to Save Money on Your Commercial Lease

Leasing commercial space is a necessity to any business whether you are looking for a medical office property or an industrial property.  Tenants want to find the best location at the best price.  

Here are some key points on how to manage your commercial lease to save money.

#1 Do Proper Research

First, do proper research by hiring a specialized real estate professional to help guide you through the process, look at multiple properties so you have a complete understanding of the overall market, compare the pros and cons to each property, have your real estate professional negotiate the best deal, review the lease thoroughly and be confident in your decision.

#2  Establish a Budget

A proper budget is an excellent way to provide a guideline for your practice moving forward and help save  you money over time. When searching for the right medical office property, your budget will often times dictate the buildings you will be able to consider. Always look at all parts of the market, the top, low and middle, this way you can gauge what works for you and gives you full confidence you are making the right decision.

#3 Negotiate a Tenant Improvement Allowance

Within medical office properties, Landlord’s tend to provide Tenants with tenant improvement allowances (“TIA”) to help them build-out their suites.  This amount can vary depending on the length of lease term, rent being paid and the landlord.  This is one area that can greatly help you save money in the long run and typically you will get a larger TIA when you hire a real estate broker to negotiate for you.  

#4 Read Lease Agreement 

Do not accept your landlord’s lease agreement conditions immediately. The first copy of the property lease agreement will surely be in favor of the landlord, so try to negotiate. Negotiations on each term are an important part of the leasing process, so be smart and diligent in how you approach the process. Try to convert the agreement in your favor as much as possible.  Your real estate professional should guide you through this process.

#5 Keep Your Options Open

Always keep two to three commercial spaces in mind as a backup so that you have options should one not work.

If you are looking for medical office property for lease or have any inquiries regarding medical office properties , please contact us. Our team will help you with the best possible solution.

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